Monday, August 31, 2009

Meet My Crew Monday: Meet LeighAnn (aka Leegan)

After 16 years of being invited to play chicken with the boys in the shallow end, Leegan was tired of coming in 2nd, every time. While on the shoulders of her most promising partner, she was deceived into treading in the deep end with the canon-ball champion. This was not what she signed on for.After that Leegan spent the better part of her time at the pool doggy-paddling frantically, trying to stay afloat. Amazingly, she finally hoisted herself up out of the deep end, her one piece in tact. After toweling off, she made a VERY quick change into her first string bikini, determined to get noticed in her lounge chair, soaking up the sun. Almost simultaneously, she was blinded by a sparkling gold chain, and immediately tried to push the pool boy with blond highlights into the water, only to be pulled in with him. After realizing they were surprisingly awesome at synchronized swimming routines, they finally came up for air. They abandoned the pool, stopped at sonic, and headed, more permanently, for the beach.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

What do we have here?

My sister, Grace, came to visit this weekend. Our weekend was full to brim! More on that later.
Our biggest find? Probably  Christian Siriano's new line at Payless. I don't know that his shoes have been officially released, but we excitedly stumbled upon a few pairs in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. Be warned, you will want to buy every pair. With their ode to Louibuiton turquoise bottom and walkable heel height/style, you will love these shoes. 
I'm just sayin'.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Olimpia Zanoli is an Italy born illustrator currently residing in New York City. Her designs are charming and simple. Her portfolio includes The New York Times, Ikea and The New Yorker. I just had to share. Enjoy!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Meet My Crew Monday: Meet Turner

Photography: J. Rawlings

TURNER A veteran swimmer. Although she occasionally forgets how to hold her breath, she is always ready for the call of the water. This girl lives in her pink seer-sucker tankini. Once known for boisterous stunts off diving boards and dangerous shallow water dives, she has surprisingly remained in tact. After a brief break from the pool, Turner has left her pool side lounge chair and has gone for a game of water polo. The boy she is playing is alllll the way over at the other side of the pool. But the game is in full force! Hope this turns out to be a good game! This girl is one to watch.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fly like the Wind!

To Gap! I went last night and they had darling things and crazy deals. I walked away with a pair of skinny jeans, because we all know the rules about jeans, and 2 tops. They are promoting their 1969 Jean line to the max. In fact, they'll take off $20 just for buying a pair. For real. And everything else is buy get one free. I'm not kidding! I thought it was a joke. All that to say, they had a great variety of jackets, patterns and flats. And barely any solid color v-necks. 
Thank goodness. 

Friday, August 21, 2009

Key Lime Cheesecake

From Magnolia Bakery.

I had some last night.

As Jamie wisely said, "When there isn't a line at Magnolia, you HAVE to get something."

It's practically a rule. Similar to the jean rule. If you try on jeans that fit well, you HAVE to buy them. Who cares if you already have 37 pairs. It's the rule.

So we got something. Jamie selected a Cherry Jumbaa..... something.
I had a packed little cheesecake and iced tea.

A perfect treat to take our attention off the oppressing humidity.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Meet My Crew Monday: Meet Laura

LAURA After plunging into the deep waters a couple years ago and getting majorly freaked out from the waves, Laura has been taking a hiatus from the pool at large, while keeping a few squirt guns around to keep herself cool....Until recently, when she accidentally slipped and fell into the water at the same exact spot she had twisted her ankle a few years prior. She was into the water again!! Shocked, and taking a moment to look around, she realized she DID enjoy...and dare I say the L word...the deep blue - the treading grounds she once knew so well. Now turning flips.

What the heck am I talking about? Take a quick tour.

Did I mention that Laura makes cakes? She is oh so talented and made Mary Brantley's wedding cake last weekend! Please disregard the candelight tinge to the cake. In reality it was creamy white. And perfect. And freakishly delicious.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Be Seated

Tonight I'm dreaming of a room bigger than my 7 x 10 nook.  The kind of room that fits more furniture than my twin bed and night stand.  (Not that my Ikea Ektorp Tullsta chair isn't just great.)

I would love a room that could fit something along these lines.

All 3 chairs are from Anthropologie
Of course they are.

J. Rawlings Photography

So hot right now.


Check her out right here!

I think she has found her niche. Photography.
So talented.

Monday, August 10, 2009


I realize that some people (well, many people) have zero idea what this whole Dating Pool Friends metaphor is all about. I personally can't imagine not understanding my lengthy explanations of my friends in terms of pool toys and bikinis, but thats just me.

So I think referring back to THIS POST will help clarify a few things.

Ok. Enough blogging today. For reals.

Morning After

My day is hardly get-through-able without my friends.

-Laura Self

Meet My Crew Monday: Meet Mary Brantley!

MARY BRANTLEY In her early days of swimming, Mary was left water logged after a frightening bout in the Hurricane Harbor wave pool. Sitting herself out on the side of the pool was exactly what she needed. After a later premiere at the pool, she braved the waters, her floaties snug on each arm. A little encouragement from a visiting Coast Guard was all this fish at heart needed to brave the deep end once again. She now floats happily down the lazy river in her double tube with her Coast Guard right by her side.

Pool Monitor Sidenote: Mary got married this weekend! 13auburnfriends had a ball watching adorable Mary and Lee get hitched! Pictures and wedding cakes to come!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Soup to Nuts

No real blogging purpose here today,except that I have a few random things I've been dying to share.

1) Have you read A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg? Or read her blog Orangette? I have.
C-Flo sent me both and suggested I take a peek. I have to tell you, I love this Molly Wizenberg. And I feel I've cheated by reading her book! Not really cheated. More that I've had way more one and one time with her than you. Ha! I know about her family, her favorite recipes, her time in Paris, her now husband. We are practically best friends. Actually, this is hardly the case. But it's like I've just gotten back from a road trip with her, sharing inside jokes and funny memories. Now, reading her blog, I find myself thinking, "Oh that husband of hers.... The restaurant is really coming together....... Ha! That sounds like Molly....."

2) You know the hot dog and pretzel guys in New York? The men with metal carts that sell hot sugary peanuts, expensive Cokes and pretty decent hot dogs. You know those men? Since moving to a new office building in the far west corner of Manhattan, I've noticed something. 47th street is the parking lot for these metal carts. I see loads of men every morning, wheeling the metals carts around, readying them for tourists, stocking them with hot dog buns and Swiss-Miss packets. I find this fascinating.

3) Speaking of Swiss Miss. Lately, I've loved concocting an afternoon pick me up out of the free things in the kitchen at work: Little bit of coffee, little bit of hot water, little bit of hot chocolate and a hearty splash of half and half. Yum.

4) I'm noticing 1-3 have all been food related. Big girl needs to calm down.

5) 13auburnfriends (minus Turner) are headed to Mary's wedding in Huntsville this weekend. Couldn't be more excited!

I think thats enough randomness for one morning.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Meet My Crew Monday: Meet Leigh

LEIGH  A staple at the pool. Leigh has been teaching swim lessons for as long as any of us can remember. Leigh and her yellow polka dot bikini could be found doing hand stands under water and flips off the diving board. It wasn't until a fellow, more experienced, swim instructor free-styled into Leighs lane and persuaded her to towel off for a bit. After enjoying 2 years of baking in the sun with her co-swim instructor, they decided to start their own swim camp for kids! It's called "Baby Strokes." They are expected to start camp in October.