Monday, September 21, 2009

I've run out of people for you to meet...

Wow. So you've met the 13. That came and went awfully quickly. I should probably recap Meet My Crew. But that seems like a lot of effort for this Monday morning.

I took a whirlwind trip to Boston this weekend to visit a good friend of mine who is finishing up her senior year at Harvard. Jetblue was having a $12 sale. What could I do?

We started with a tour of the campus around Cambridge. The weather was beautiful and crispy. We ate the most delicious little (actually not little at all) brunch at Aquitaine French Bistro in Boston. We had a ridiculous array of morning beverages. You know, bottomless coffee, orange juice, water and an Aquitaine Bloody Mary. Our table was crowded with juice filled glasses, little cinnamon rolls, omelette's and toast. Oh, it was tasty!

After our food coma subsided, we toured Boston and the adorable Newberry street. We had hopes of going on a Duck Tour but didn't have the time or $36 to spend. So we were off to Beacon Hill. We briefly (and accidentally) passed through a "Legalize Marajuana" festival of some sort in Boston Commons. What a crowd! But I think the emo and skater, "Legalize M Festival", as one bystander called it, made Beacon Hill all the more charming. The houses and brick streets were right out of a movie.

The rest of our day was spent with friends. We ate greek food, discussed politics and hit up a few college parties (oh my!). I feel old. But, I had a ball. So now, I'm wiped out. Onto the week ahead.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Meet My Crew Monday: Meet Me!

Oh yes. It's finally time to see what I'm up to at the pool.

HANNAH Social Coordinator of the pool deck. She struts her stuff in a brightly patterned cover up. In between drink runs for her friends in the pool, she boldly walks on the edge of the pool, practically daring someone to knock her in. But somehow she makes it back to her burning hot plastic chair... every time. Lets be honest, there is only so much tanning and chattin' you can do. My goodness, its time to cool off in the pool! Instead of roasting in the sun, Hannah has opted for a pool game. She's amidst the longest game of Marco Polo, ever in the history of pool swimmers. Mr. Marco needs to speak up so Miss Polo can swim accordingly.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sisters in the Kitchen(ette)

My last post reminded me of my sister. Which then reminded me of my lack of blogging devoted to her recent visit! So here goes it.

One of my favorite brunch places in all of Manhattan is Kitchenette
And one of my favorite people in all the world is my sister, Gracie. 

So it would only make sense, when little sister Gracie came to visit, that we go to Kitchenette.  

We ordered the Farmhouse Special. Since we didn't take a decent picture (honestly!) all weekend, I have for you, a picture of our brunch. I'm getting hungry as I type this. 

Actually, I lied. Emily took this at Dinosaur BBQ. At least we have a some documentation to show for our weekend!

Come back soon!!

A Shower Curtain :: 4 Ways

I had NO idea I would get so much mileage out of a Waverly Damask shower curtain from Target. I knew it was a cute thick fabric (not a vinyl shower curtain, fyi), but did I think I would find 4 different ways to use it? Heck no. Thanks to my crafty mom and sister, this thing has been all over my apartment. I will show you.
Here it is from the Target website. 

Use 1. As an actual shower curtain. Which I did in my first apartment on the Upper East Side. Functional and adorable. (You can reference the above picture for Use 1.) 

Use 2. As sort of coverlet on an all white day bed. C-Flo had the idea and it gave my bed some much needed sprucing. (Sidenote: My room has matured A LOT since this picture.)

Use 3: As a curtain. I found this Ralph Laurenish plaid canvas from some fabric store on the Lower East Side. When it was time to re-purpose the shower curtain yet again, I thought, "Hey, why not as an actual curtain?" Gave my window a much heartier feel. Can you see it peeking behind the plaid?

Use 4. As a desk skirt. I found this desk in a discarded pile on the street about a week ago. If you know me at all, you know I love furniture off the street. Anyways. The desk isn't fancy, pretty invisible actually. Turns out its a dresser, with no drawers. Ha. Who cares, looks like a desk to me! Turner, Erin and Jamie helped carry it home.  With a $5 tension rod and a little snipping, I shortened the shower curtain  into a desk skirt. Really cleans the desk up, don't you think?

Sorry about the awful pictures. They will just have to do.

There you have it. Who would of thought a shower curtain could do so much!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Things I'm loving right now-

1. Paper Mate Ultra Fine Flair:: Forget skinny sharpies. I love these pens. I've stolen a few from work, but shhhh! don't tell.

2. Honey Interiors:: I saw this on Design Sponge today. Eat you heart out.

3. Carrying my iphone WITH OUT a case. Oh, the freedom.

4. Tub of Carmex + lipstick that is too bright = perfectly smooth and warm lip color (Stole this idea from one of my sisters friends and made all my friends wear our lip concoction this weekend. )

5. Friends:: Who come to visit .

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Meet My Crew ...uh Tuesday? Meet Anne

ANNE A veteran swimmer. Anne can be seen wearing a preppy and conservative Vineyard Vines get up. Her worn Sperry's waiting patiently on the side, as she sits on the deep end/ shallow end floating divider. She generally enjoys the swimming process. Slipping into her suit, marching out to the deck, partaking in pool side beverages, gradually getting in sometimes and falling in other times. Since this January she's tried toweling off and getting some sun. But her chair wasn't very comfortable. She instead decided to jump back into the pool. She was midway through one of her most beautiful underwater flipturns when the accident happened. The pool boy accidentally knocked her unconscious with the pool sweeper. She was under the water for a long time before the other lifegaurds were able to pull her out. After a few nerve racking minutes, her breathing seems to be returning to normal. Anne is on her way to being just fine if not better than before. Word to the wise: Always wear goggles.

Friday, September 4, 2009

My people are here!

Well, 2 of the 3 are here. Turner and Erin flew in last night to New York City. Our first stop?

Shake Shack opened in my neighborhood, on the Upper West Side, about a year ago. Their original location, in Madison Square Park, always has long lines of burger eating Manhattanites and the occasional celeb. (Leonardo DiCaprio was in line in front of me last time.) So it was a natural late night dinner choice for us.

The custard of the day was Balsamic Fig. Sample? Yes, please. You know, it tastes exactly how you would expect a Balsamic Fig custard to taste. Needless to say, we opted for cheeseburgers, fries and a shake. Mmm.

All pictures courtesy of Shack Shack. PS - There is a live streaming camera on the Madison Square Park location that helps you keep tabs on the line!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Paper Wink

I have been eying this personalized stationary company for a while. Paper Wink, that is. I just LOVE their clean lined, vintage inspired stationary, stamps and branding packages. But I am having THE hardest time narrowing down my choices. Help a sister out, would ya?

First we have stamp options. I want to get a stamp for all the addresses I've lived in. You know, the address of the house in Auburn, AL where I lived with 7 of my close friends. And my quirky and tiny first apartment in New York. And definitely, the address of my current apartment in New York that I'm just enamored with. I won't get to put the older address stamps into use, but I think it could be a fun tradition/keep sake to have around!

And then we have the stationary options. I could just eat these. I've attached the stationary/envelope/stamp pad color option chart at the bottom. This really overwhelms me! Do I go loud and fun or more subtle and vintage? Beats me.

Dear goodness. The options are out of control. But in a good way!