Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Home on the Range

With brother and sister.
Love the holidays.

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Blizzard!

Did you hear? We had a blizzard this weekend. After spastically running around town Saturday morning "before the storm hit", the snow finally made its entrance as I was sprinting through Times Square. Oh great.

Anyways. Finished my errands, made my way home, and lounged the rest of the day away with roommate LindsayAnn. It was so nice.

Here is the view from my 9th floor apartment.

We needed a late night dessert fix, so I braved the conditions to get the supplies. It was wonderfully quiet and still.

You know whats really funny? Snow etiquette. On Sunday, most sidewalks were laced with a single pathway, only slightly wider than the width of a shovel. Those sweet doorman and New Yorkers that get after it with the snow plow.... One would think the trickiest part of walking on the slippery sidewalk is trying not to fall. But no. The trickiest part is stepping out of the shoveled path and into the snowy terrain so you can allow the pregnant woman or old man to pass. Not that you mind doing this, but there's no guaranteeing balance when you venture off the path and into the dirty snow drift. It can be quite dangerous!
But I made it! Both ankles still in tact.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

My little Jamie Martin.

Jamie Martin and I were roommates for a year in a half.
Jamie Martin and I went to rival SEC colleges.
Jamie Martin and I share a love for Mexican food, gigantic cups of coffee, good sermons and new Manhattan restaurants.

This November, Jamie Martin moved back to Atlanta for a really great job.

There she goes.

Doesn't that cab look especially yellow?
It's like it knew this would be Jamie's last cab ride for a while.

Byeeeee Jamie!

89th and Broadway will miss you much.

Anthropologie is the way to my heart.

Of course I stopped by Anthropologie this week to pick up a few last minute Secret Santa gifts. The Rockefeller Anthro is my favorite. Partly because its in a hustle and bustle area of town. Partly because roommate Emily works at the J.Crew around the corner, and its an excuse to see her

The displays at Anthroplogie are unlike any other. When I first moved to New York, I interviewed for the display coordinator position. 
But alas, advertising was in my future....

There was an animal motif going on when I was there. 

Beautiful rustic lighting fixtures.

A shredded paper raccoon of sorts! 

And would you LOOK at this peacock made out of chopstick's and plastic spoons.
Honestly. Who thinks of this?

Genius. As always.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Strut your stuff

Do you ever feel like your 'walk' is off? You take the normal stride that you always do, but for some reason it just feels off. Your feet and legs and body alignment just seems a little honky.

I feel like this today. I've complained of doing too much lately, and not doing any of it well. And now, even my walk is being effected.

I promise to re-enter the blogging world, attempt to complain less and finish 2009 strong.


We'll see.