Monday, May 31, 2010

Sonic, my love.

Spent the weekend in Nashville with this college friend. I made her take me to Sonic 3 times.
Bless her heart.

We did a total overhaul of her office. Can't wait to show you pictures.

I think my tan is fading.

I've mentioned this before. One of my favorite parts to any beach trip or vacation is coming home with the tinge of sunburn still on your skin. A week after my trip with the Outlaw family to a little island in the Caribbean and I can barely remember the prickle of red hot skin on my shoulders. Truly one of the most generous families I know and undoubtedly one of the most memorable vacations to date!

This is Turner. She's a dear college friend. I know it looks like we are standing in front of an ocean & banister backdrop. You know, the kind they'd have on a Carnival Cruise ship. But, this is in fact the view from our hotel room. Has it already been a week since we were there??

Aside from the views, the pool, the kind staff and delicious food....(I'm cutting this list off before it gets absurd)... I loved the ambiance of the outdoor bar and lounge area. Around 8pm every night, the sun would set on the ocean, leaving us surrounded by crispy mid-western couples and candle light. There were a variety of lanterns strung between the palm trees and plenty of mod rattan seating.

Makes me wonder if I could take lighting cues from our hotel and transfer them onto a roof top project I'm working on. Here are a few lantern options I'm considering.

White and aluminum lanterns - Ikea
Colorful lanterns - Z Gallerie

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Back in a few!

I'm off to the beach tomorrow. PTL. This trip with this friend is blessing my life in big ways.

I've been reintroduced to the iconic Dorothy Draper by the same friend whose house I warmed a few weeks ago. I leave you with this note from Dorothy-

Have you ever stopped to think what fun this business of living can be? If you haven't and if you're one of those who insist upon believing that life is humdrum, grim and boring, then I'm afraid this department isn't for you. For I don't believe any such thing. I know that we can all free ourselves and live our lives fully, zestfully and joyfully!

-Dorothy Draper

Monday, May 17, 2010

I need a beach bag yo!

The Jersey Shore is something I've come to love. I'm not talking guido + poof Jersey Shore, I'm talking meeting friends at Penn Station, loading up on coffee and bagels, riding the NJ Transit a quick hour and lounging at the beach all day. I love this tradition. Plus, getting out of the city keeps my sanity in check.

A few of my summer items needs refreshing. First up, a new (and affordable) beach bag. Here's what I've found so far...

1. Juicy Couture - Nordstrom's 2. Forever 21 3. Target 4. Target 5. Old Navy

Now this is going to get a little crazy. I was in K-Mart last week (Yes, we have a K-Mart) and saw these cute totes! I think they were $12 and Joe Boxer. Who would have thought?

Joe Boxer - KMart

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Housewarming on the Lower East Side

New York social events revolve around a handful of things. The three most present in my life are: new apartments, good weather and birthdays. The past weekend, friends Kelly & Hannah introduced their new digs with a Housewarming Party. Kelly and Hannah are both interior designer/non-profit entrepreneurs. Quite a pair! They have THE most adorable apartment.

Such an eye for arranging and staging! Their apartment is a mix of eclectic, colorful and traditional elements.

The exposed brick wall runs the course of the apartment and adds loads of character and texture. I need to ask Hannah where she got these floating bookshelves. I love them!

The apartment is filled with small nooks and collections. These darling fabric pins are products of Hello Robertson, an accessories line crafted by Kelly & Hannah.
Noted: If I ever get married, I've got to take a picture like the one above.

So unexpected. Kelly has a collection of New York "door pictures" hung asymmetrically above her bed. Incredibly simple and vibrant. Lovely.

This turquoise lamp and printed curtain are tucked away in a brick cove that overlooks a disheveled courtyard. Old meets new in this little corner.

And to end my housewarming tour, I leave you with hats.

I think we all need to go buy a flouncey red hat to hang on the brick wall that we may or may not have.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Spring Brights - On a shoestring!

Last post about Design on a Dime, I promise.

The event also had a faux outdoor section, complete with fake hedges and outdoor seating. Look at this clever party lighting below-

Genius! Yes, those are plastic colorful cups and bowls laid on top of white twinkle lights. I'm pretty sure I've seen these at Walmart for CHEAP. I'm talking $5 for a dozen cheap. What an easy and bright trick for outdoor/party lighting!

Design on a Dime

What an experience! I have a few pictures to share with you from the Housing Works Design on a Dime event I went to, courtesy of Design*Sponge. There were more than 25 different designers who set up small vignette like rooms to showcase their own style. The space was packed with people and the rooms swarming with personality! You can view the Design*Sponge recap here, it's pretty fabulous!

I was in hog heaven. Embracing the freedom of being anonymous and getting in the zone, I walked and took pictures and walked and bumped into people and walked..... Here are the few things I saw -->

Not sure if this translates accurately in the picture, but there was a room covered in hand painted black and white images. Like the ones seen above. The perspective was even accurate! Not quite as kitschy as mural, but equally as interesting!

Love this repurposed looking table. A herringbone pattern was created with different pieces of blue painted and raw scrap (I think!) wood.

Interesting variation of a sofa or bedside table. Amazing what fresh flowers and a great bed spread will do.

I have a thing for metal. Especially in the form of chairs.

Love love love this chair. I'm looking around my room right now trying to find something to paint shiny black and recover in lime/mustard yellow. Dangit. I don't see anything.

This picture doesn't do justice to the clean white buffet and black and white photography collection. So classic. Can we just ignore the shadow of the person taking a picture with their iphone?

Mid-Century modern gets me every time. What a quirky and successful mix of a gold cube planter, fur rug, oval gray table, Ikat pillows and clean lined sofa.

Remember when Ty was the hunky carpenter on Trading Spaces? Good times. Along with Jaclyn Smith, Ty was a host of the event.

This is exactly what you're thinking. Don't be awkward. You bet I got a picture with Ty. I asked some random interior design girl hoovering around to take the picture. Ha.
Ok, so it's a little awkward. Oh. I thought about getting a picture with Jaclyn Smith, but y'all, she was SO beautiful! I couldn't work up the boldness! Next time Jackie.

I don't want to take my liking of chalkboard paint too far, but I did think this was a fun over the top variation.

Thanks again Design*Sponge!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Long Overdue!

Updates for you!

My dad and sister were in town last weekend for a project we are working on. The weekend was full of furniture, New York and schlepping. We had a ball! I'm sure this is annoyingly vague to read, but I'll have more details soon! For now I leave you with this picture of us with my dads head cut off. Thank you cab driver man for your photography skills.


This weekend, during our ambiguous furniture searching project, I picked up this promo. Housing Works is the coolest thrift-with-a-cause store. Seriously great stuff! I looked into the event, but it was out of my price range. Oh well, I'll watch from a distance!

But wait! Just the other day, I noticed Design*Sponge holding a contest for thrift store finds from their readers. The 5 winners get a ticket to the snazzy event! With 30 minutes left before the deadline last night, I applied! And.....

I was chosen! I'm the one in the yellow frame looking extra "photo bloggy." I'm not trying to be cool, I just couldn't get a decent picture of my thrift store mirror without me in it. Ha. You can read the article here! Can't wait for tonight's event. I'll keep you posted! Pun intended ;)

Design*Sponge is my favorite daily read, I'm so thankful to be included! Thanks Design*Sponge!!

All the updates for now. Back to work. Have a good Thursday!