Sunday, April 11, 2010

Street Lamps

I work at a large ad agency in New York. My job is a busy mix of corporate and creative. My boss says its where art meets commerce. I completely agree. I've found it to be a great fit. I get a kick out of the people and find myself learning new things on most days. Better yet, I work for a sharp, fabulous and kind boss who shares in my love for Broadway Shows and Interior Design.

She recently connected me with a friend of hers doing a little spring apartment cleaning/selling. With roommate Lindsay Ann in tow, I stopped by the ATM and headed over to the East Side.

What did we find, you ask?

Two of the most sparkly fun lamps I've ever seen.

Lindsay Ann holding one.

Me holding the other.

You would not believe the comments we got on our way back to the apartment. I'm not kidding. In true New York fashion, people were rolling down their windows to ask us about the lamps we were carrying down the street. Being the frugal gals we are, we took the bus home and made quite the ruckus...

We even made some new friends on the bus.
One of them being Peggy. She knocked on our lamp shades and asked if we had a camera. I did, and gave it to her. And she took this picture. I'm so glad she did!
Thanks Peggy!

Now - I don't think just any old lamps would solicit the kind of response we got. I think it had everything to do with how darn cute these lamps were! And maybe my spastically bright yellow jacket. It's a toss up.

The foyer is a work in progress, but the lamps will be living somewhere around here.

Oh. OH. I didn't tell you the best part.
I only paid $50. For the PAIR.
Thank you very much boss lady's friend!


  1. ahh super jealous of this excursion! those lamps are beautiful!!

  2. This post cracks me up. Clearly, one of the many great things about living in the city. mom

  3. I noticed these on Monday and was wondering if they were new! Super, super cute... as are you ladies.