Monday, September 13, 2010

Street Merch Monday: The Rules

I've been encouraged by a certain sister to take a 360 approach to my street merch finds. So I'm going to try my best to revive as much street merch as I can. That means no more walking by and snapping pictures of merch, but instead taking it home with me and repairing, repainting and repurposing it.

For instance - I passed this wooden table top twice before I grabbed it! My arm and fingers were sore the next day because I walked 10 awkward blocks with it under my arm. Now, you'll notice I don't have after pictures - which is a bit hypocritical after my '360' spiel. But the the overhaul of this piece is happening next weekend. So be ready.

I'm using this merch as an example for my rules below .

Rules to Finding Street Merch:

1. Remember - You are NOT looking for trash. Trash is gross. Street merch is not. Street merch has been left on the street in hopes of someone else giving it new life. It was probably the wrong size for a new apartment or had a small flaw. Like a table missing its legs as seen above!

2. Look for pieces with integrity. The object is not to find a desk from Target or lamp from IKEA that's has been left on the corner. Those things you can just buy from the actual stores. Instead, look for unique pieces with character and potential! Take a look at the wood detail on my round table top above - not something you see every day!

3. Grab merch that can be repaired, repainted and repurposed. That's about all I can manage and have time for in my little New York apartment. You'd be surprised at how much a staple gun, hot glue gun, a drill, some fabric and paint can do!

4. Steer clear of upholstered and fabric pieces. Except for the occasional chair with a removable seat I keep my distance from couches, mattresses, fabric chairs, ottomans.... Common sense people. I'm getting kind of irked just thinking about some of the stuff you run across...

Those are the major rules that I abide by - hope that helps!


  1. smart girl! love seeing what you find, but I love hearing that you're going to start taking things home!

  2. love it! so, you will be proud...i picked up my first random wood pallet from the side of the road yesterday! hoping to paint it navy and hang it in our bedroom to put photos on! We'll see how that turns out! I will feature you on my blog when I'm done, since it was your idea :) hope you are well! thanks for the sweet text on my wedding day! your mommy and daddy were there dancing the night away!