Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our girl Kate

Oh Kate Spade. How does she do it? Her website is absurdly lovely. Her merchandise is, well, even lovelier. I recently ran across a few of her stationary pieces when I was on the hunt for new writing supplies. I LOVE her paper items, they're just a little out of my price range. I like my stationary hearty, personalized and in large amounts. I love using a flat card of monogramed stationary just to write a quick "Thought I'd say hi!" kind of a note.

I'm not sure what these say, but I'm sure it's something clever.

The vases and flowers are random and darling.
So I thought I'd include them.


  1. Kate Spade is actually owned by Neiman Marcus now, and she's turned most creative control over to them. Sad, right?

  2. actually JK by Liz Clairborne.

  3. Yes, I had heard she wasn't as involved as she used to be. Gosh, I would love to be friends with her!