Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Selby and The Jane

So it seems I'm all about book signings these days. Went to Pioneer Woman's book signing a few months ago. Then went to darling Molly Weisenburg's, of Orangette, book singing at Posman's Book at Chelsea Market. My most recent and colorful book signing experience involved 2 things. Both entirely trendier and cooler than I, but fun all the same!

I met The Selby at The Jane last Friday. The Selby (also known as Todd Selby) is a portrait, interior and fashion photographer. His images of cluttered and lived in interiors are just as fascinating as his spirited friends, also in the images. Todd was friendly and quirky and his book is fantastic. Like a People magazine melted into an Eye Spy book.

I'll be honest. I did want to see/meet The Selby. But I really really wanted to see The Jane. It's a hotel not too far from the meat packing district, hunkered right next to the Hudson River. Built in 1908, it housed the Titanic survivors in 1912 and was later taken over by the YMCA in the 40's. This place was loaded with character and charm. And an edge of eeriness. The rooms are classified in 'cabins' (Standard, Bunk and Captain) and the staff is clad in authentic bell hop attire.

I tried to take pictures but I was making my coworkers awkward, so I used these pictures from the Jane site. You should stop by this place if you're every in the neighborhood. It's lovely and odd all at the same time.

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  1. Just saw your hgtv debut! How impressive!! SOOO want to be on that show!